905.1 Comm. Use of District Bldgs & Sites & Equip.


The Board of Education shall have the care and keeping of all school buildings and other school properties belonging to the school district.  They shall have the authority to open any or all school buildings for the use of night schools, improvement association, scientific, mechanical, or agricultural societies, under such regulation as the Board of Education may adopt; provided, that the Board of Education may at any time it thinks best, refuse to open any and all school buildings for any or all of these purposes.

Since it is a policy to raise through taxation funds for operation of the schools' education program only, the Board finds it necessary to charge a fee for the use of school buildings and facilities by organizations not directly associated with the schools.  These fees will be used to defray a portion of the expenses made by increased use of heat, light, and janitorial services.

Approved charitable organizations are exempted from paying fees but must observe all other regulations in making use of school facilities.

In order to be approved, activities sponsored by non-school organizations must be in keeping with the general program of education and must not be for commercial use or for personal profit or gain.  Political meetings which are open to the public are considered to be within the general program of public education, and school facilities may be rented at regular rates provided no discrimination is shown.

Organizations using the buildings and facilities must be supervised by an adequate number of adult sponsors to assure proper care and use of school property.