900 Principles and Obj. for Community Relations


The board recognizes the need of a communications program to provide effective two-way communications between the school district and the community.  It is the position of the board that the schools belong to the public, and that the public is entitled to be well informed about the operations of the school system.

It is further the position of the Board that the school district operates most successfully with the support of the community and that such support is dependent upon the maintenance of positive public opinion.  Opinions are formed on the basis of available information or the lack thereof; it is considered to be important that school activities, methods, and objectives be conveyed to those to whom the board is responsible.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to establish and maintain an on-going communications program with school district personnel and the community.  The communications program shall be evaluated and updated annually.

The school district's communications program shall strive to meet the following goals:

•           To keep the citizens and school district personnel informed through a regular flow of information about the school district and its programs;

•           To encourage and organize the interchange of ideas between the school district and the community by developing and implementing techniques for community involvement in the school district and for school district involvement in the community; and

•           To assess the public knowledge, attitudes and concerns on a regular basis.

It shall be the responsibility of every employee, certificated and classified, to promote good community relations for the schools and for the educational betterment of the students.




Legal Reference:        Iowa Code §§279.8, 280.12 (1987).

                                    670 Iowa Admin Code 4.3(3)