407.4 Licensed Employee Suspension


Employees shall perform their assigned job, respect board policy and obey the law.  The superintendent is authorized to suspend a certificated or support staff employee pending board action on a discharge, for investigation of charges against the employee, or for disciplinary purposes.  It shall be within the discretion of the superintendent to suspend an employee with or without pay.

In the event of a suspension, appropriate due process shall be followed.   The employee shall be given notice of the reasons for the suspension, and an opportunity to respond to the reasons before the action to suspend is taken.  The superintendent shall review those reasons to ensure they support a suspension and to determine that reasonable grounds exist to believe that the reasons are true.  If a finding is for a suspension, the employee shall be informed in writing and a copy included in the employee's personnel file.



Legal reference:                Iowa Code §§20.7, .24, 279.13, 279.15-.19, .27   (1987)