407.2 Licensed Employee Contract Release


Licensed employees who wish to be released from an executed contract must give at least twenty-one days notice to the superintendent.  Licensed employees may be released at the discretion of the board.  Only in unusual and extreme circumstances will the board release a licensed employee from a contract.  The board will have sole discretion to determine what constitutes unusual and extreme circumstances.

Release from a contract will be contingent upon finding a suitable replacement.  Licensed employees requesting release from a contract after it has been signed and before it expires may be required to pay the board the cost of advertising incurred to locate and hire a suitable replacement.  Upon written mutual agreement between the employee and the superintendent, the costs may be deducted from the employee's salary.  Payment of these costs is a condition for release from the contract at the discretion of the board.  Failure of the licensed employee to pay these expenses may result in a cause of action being filed in small claims court.

The superintendent is required to file a complaint with the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners against a licensed employee who leaves without proper release from the board. 


NOTE:  School districts may charge employees for costs incurred in finding a replacement.  Employees can only be charged costs, not "penalties."  The costs cannot be withheld from money owed the employee unless the employee agrees.  If costs are not withheld from moneys owed to the employee, the school district must bill the employee.  If the employee fails to pay, the school district's only option for reimbursement is to file a claim in small claims court.  The school district also has the option of filing a complaint with the Board of Educational Examiners stating the employee has engaged in unprofessional conduct.




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