302.4 Superintendent Duties


I.  Responsibility and Authority

      1.1    As the chief executive officer of the Board, the Superintendent is responsible to the Board of Education in all aspects of school management.

1.2 As the chief school administrator, the Superintendent has authority over all of the public school district employees.     

2.  Duties of the Superintendent

      2.1    The Superintendent shall attend all meetings of the Board.

      2.2    The Superintendent shall directly supervise and evaluate the Building Principals, The Director of Operations, the Financial Supervisor, and the Superintendent's/ Board Secretary.         

      2.3    Responsibility for selection, placement, and transfer of personnel is vested in the Superintendent, subject to approval by the Board.

      2.4    The Superintendent may suspend employees for cause when necessary, immediately reporting such suspension to the Board.

      2.5    The Superintendent may organize, reorganize, and otherwise assign the administrative and supervisory staff.

      2.6    The Superintendent shall cause the duties of all positions to be defined and delegate necessary responsibility and authority for the effective operation of the school, but shall remain responsible for the execution of such powers so delegated.

      2.7    The Superintendent shall administer staff assignments, reassignments, and transfers as are in his professional judgment necessary to secure the highest efficiency of the entire staff.

      2.8    The Superintendent shall have the authority to require reports from all employees, as he/she may desire from time to time.

      2.9    The Superintendent shall see that programs are developed and carried out in the areas of teacher in-service, and curricular revision and development.

      2.10  The Superintendent shall recommend salary schedules for support staff to the Board for consideration.  Such schedules shall provide minimum and maximum salaries, annual increments, and other information pertinent to a salary schedule.

      2.11  The Superintendent shall serve as the chief liaison between the Board and the school staff, transmitting all communications from the Board to the staff, and all communications from the staff to the Board.

      2.12  The Superintendent shall be responsible for the proper classification and promotion of pupils.

      2.13  The Superintendent shall, through the Director of Operations, have charge of the operation and the maintenance of the buildings and equipment of schools.

      2.14  The Superintendent shall, with the assistance of the staff, prepare a budget for the Board's consideration, in accordance with legal requirements and Board policies.

      2.15  The Superintendent shall monitor the district purchasing and spending, and direct the proper accounting and management of all school funds.

      2.16  The Superintendent shall have the authority to purchase equipment and supplies under the policies and regulations of the Board.         

      2.17  The Superintendent shall recommend policy amendments and additions for the Board's consideration.

      2.18  In the absence of Board policy on matters, which require prompt action, the Superintendent shall have the authority to act according to his best judgment.  In matters of emergency, the Superintendent shall assume any authority or perform any duty, which any particular unforeseen and suddenly arising situation may demand, subject to later consideration and action by the Board.

      2.19  The Superintendent shall make rules and regulations regarding routine matters, which have not been specifically provided for in Board policies.  

      2.20  The Superintendent shall direct the attendance officers in the performance of their duties.

      2.21  The Superintendent shall assemble data, develop and recommend building programs and act as educational advisor to the architects in the preparation of plans and specifications for construction work.

      2.22  The Superintendent shall interpret the philosophy, aims, and objectives of the instructional program to the community.

      2.23  The Superintendent shall oversee the teacher performance appraisal process, which is conducted by the principals and supervisors.

      2.24  The Superintendent shall approve the appointment of faculty committees that may be required for the execution and establishment of educational practices and procedures.

      2.25  The Superintendent shall be a student of educational trends, theories, and practices.  The Superintendent shall attend state, national, and regional conferences as part of his/her official duties in keeping with Board policies and regulations.

      2.26  The Superintendent shall develop a school calendar, with staff input, and present it to the Board for approval.

      2.27  The Superintendent shall keep the Board informed of conditions of the schools.

III.     Conditions of Employment                   

      3.1    A valid State of Iowa Administrative Certificate is required, endorsed for the superintendency.

      3.2    The contract period is from July 1 to June 30.

      3.3    The Superintendent, at the Board's discretion, may contract for a period not to exceed three years.

      3.4    The Superintendent, if at all possible, shall live in the school district.

      3.5    During the term of the contract, the Superintendent may be discharged if any provision of the contract is materially breached by the Superintendent, or if the Superintendent performs any act which substantially inhibits the discharge of duties as Superintendent.  A discharge shall not be in effect until the Superintendent is given full due process.  The contract may, however, be terminated without cause by mutual consent of the Superintendent and the Board.

IV.  Evaluation of Position

            4.1       The Board of Education shall provide the Superintendent with an annual written evaluation of his/her performance.