Superintendent's Message

It is with pride and pleasure that I welcome you to the Harlan Community School District.  The Harlan Community School District (HCSD) consists of a PK-12 program with approximately 1,550 students district wide.  The strength of the district lies in the eight communities that make up the district overall.  Those communities include, Corley, Defiance, Earling, Harlan, Jacksonville, Panama, Portsmouth and Westphalia.  We believe that high expectations coupled with a strong work ethic have built an exceptional academic and extra-curricular tradition within the Harlan Community School District.   

You will find excellence in all we do!  Everything from winning five out of the last six class 3A jazz band state championships, to the Harlan Community High School being named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education.  In addition, the HCSD has been home to twelve state football championships as well as one of the leading ACT scores in the state.  This coupled with the state recognized QPPS Pre-School program, academic success continues to be the top priority for the district.  Our academic benchmarks are amongst the best in the state with a strong focus on the Iowa Professional Development Model engaging in 21st century skills across the curriculum.  We expect the best from our students and staff alike.   

We enjoy strong community support which is evident in the recent creation of a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program K-12 through a community wide fund raising effort.  In addition, this fundraiser will completely renovate the Merrill Field Complex as well as supporting instrumentation needs for the music program district wide.  In total, this community wide fundraiser will raise almost $2.1 million dollars all going towards students!  Whether you are looking for a challenging curriculum, high expectations, college level rigor or a group of staff that is a leader in the state in professional development and educational research, the Harlan Community School District is the place for you.  The school district motto is "Joined as One, We Get the Job Done!"  This is more than a saying, it's a belief you will see and feel throughout the community.  Welcome to Cyclone Country!   

Justin T. Wagner