216.3 Board of Directors' Member Comp. & Exp.


As a locally-elected public official, the board member is a public servant who serves without compensation for the board member’s time spent as a board member.  Board members shall be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties.

Prior to reimbursement of actual and necessary expenses, the board member must submit a detailed receipt indicating the date, purpose, and nature of the expense for each claim item.  Failure to provide a detailed receipt shall make the expense a personal expense.  In exceptional circumstances, the Board may allow a claim without proper receipt. Written documentation explaining the exceptional circumstances shall be maintained as part of the school district’s record of the claim.

In instances where possible, the school district may be direct billed for registration and travel expenses Board members incur while on Board business.

Travel outside of the district must be pre-approved.  Transportation outside of 300 miles of the administrative office shall be by public carrier.  Reimbursement for air travel shall be at the tourist class fares.  Should a board member choose to travel by automobile, reimbursement shall be limited to the public carrier amount.  Pre-approved expenses for transportation in a rental car is limited to the cost of a Class “C” rental car at a medium-priced agency unless the number of board members traveling on behalf of the school district warrants a larger vehicle.

Pre-approved expenses for lodging is limited to the rate of a medium priced hotel in the area; lodging may be approved for a larger amount if special circumstances require the board member to stay at a particular hotel.

Pre-approved expenses for meals shall be the reasonable actual costs, verified with receipts.