213.R1 General Complaints by Citizens

The board recognizes that situations may arise in the operation of the school district, which are of concern to the parents and other members of the school district community.  Concerns of the community shall be resolved at the lowest organizational level by those individuals closest to the concern.  When complaints are brought to the attention of the board, they will be referred to the administration for resolution if the following has not been completed:

•   (a)   Matters concerning an individual student, teacher, or other employee should first be addressed to the teacher or employee.

•   (b)   Unsettled matters from (a) above should be addressed to the employee's building principal for certified personnel and the superintendent for support personnel.  Problems and questions about individual attendance centers should be addressed to the building principal.

•   (c)   Unsettled matters regarding certified personnel or other matters from (b) above or problems and questions concerning the school district should be directed to the superintendent.

•   (d)   If a matter cannot be settled satisfactorily by the superintendent, it may then be brought to the board.  The individual may notify the board president, or the item may be placed on the board agenda of a regularly scheduled board meeting.

The board will address complaints from the members of the school district community if they are in writing, signed, and the complainant has complied with this policy.

It shall be the responsibility of employees to assist community members in resolving their concerns.


Legal Reference:        Iowa Code §279.8  (1987).