209.1 Development of Policy


The board has the jurisdiction to legislate policy for the school district with the force and effect of law.  Board policy shall provide the general direction as to what the board wishes to accomplish while allowing the superintendent the professional prerogative to implement board policy.

The written policy statements contained in the policy manual provide guidelines and goals to the citizens, administration, staff, and students in the school district community.  The policies shall be the basis for the formulation of regulations by the administration.

Policy proposals may be initiated by a member of the board, administration, school staff, student, or any other patron of the district.  Policy proposals must be submitted to the board through the office of the superintendent in order to be placed on the agenda of a school board meeting.  It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to bring the proposals to the attention of the board.

The board shall review the policies at least once every five years, and make a notation of such review. 


Legal Reference:                    Iowa Code §§ 274.1-.2, 279.8, 280.12 (1989)

                                                281 Iowa Admin. Code 12.3(2) new standards